Digital ecommerce, the safest option in the face of a pandemic

Covid19, whether we like it or not, has had a direct impact on how we buy.

If your company is not ready for this, now is the time to make changes, or it will be too late.

Before, digital commerce was a complementary option for many companies. But because Covid19 has changed the way we interact, everyone must change their approach to commerce. This change is not only due to the policies set forth by governing bodies, but also due to the fear that many people have when entering a public space to shop. In addition to the challenges mentioned above, we must also understand the economic repercussions of a pandemic. The fear of economic instability tends to lead many people to slow their spending and many non-essential purchases are postponed.

If we thought that trust was one important factor when making purchases before, today it can be considered the most important factor and it is essential to provide a comfortable and reliable user experience.

It is important to note that not everything spells doom for commerce. If companies look at this crisis as an opportunity, they can reinvent themselves in time to weather the storm and they should be able to put themselves in a position to flourish once this crisis passes. However, these decisions need to be made quickly and decisively so that the damage sustained from this crisis is mitigated.

The first thing that all companies must do is reassure both their employees and customers by making all possible hygiene measures transparent. Employee health is extremely important in the delivery chain since it is essential for the customer that their product arrives uncontaminated. Employees working in a safe environment can remain at ease and convey that security to customers. And nowadays security when buying is one of the biggest priorities for the consumer.

The second major concern that brands must address is stabilizing their digital operations and responding quickly to online demand.

Companies must react quickly to seize the opportunity and prepare their systems to withstand the increased turnover. In order to respond to this increase in demand, it is necessary for companies to review their platforms and digital channels, since many may not be prepared for this growth.

It is recommended to create an online support department, optimize and expand the platforms, study the customer experience, and monitor the profitability of marketing to optimize the mix of channels and redirect investments.

Another task that companies must perform is expanding their offer and redefining their digital strategy in order to take full advantage of the opportunities that the market is offering. All the studies and lessons learned in the past are no longer valid. We have been in a situation quite like the one we are in now.