Paygol becomes the first payment gateway to sponsor Copa Chile Easy 2022

As a part of its commitment to the local culture, Paygol became one of Copa Chile Easy official’ sponsor, which is about to begin its phase 3, where more than 30 professional and amateur teams will compete to be the winner of a place in the Cup Libertadores and to play against the champion of the National League in the Chilean Super Cup.

Soccer is deeply rooted in Chile, being the most popular sport, not only because of the great coverage that exists by the media, but also because of its power to bring people together and to positively impact the lives of Chileans.

In addition to supporting national sports, Paygol has specialized local teams that direct their efforts to support companies in their digital transformation process, offering them secure and easy-to-implement payment solutions.

Considering that E-commerce in Chile will continue to grow at a constant rate in the coming years, generating approximately 35.4 billion dollars in profits according to a study by Americas Market Intelligence, and that during 2020-2021 sales by online channels with credit cards represented 50%, Paygol is looking for opportunities to empower Chilean companies – regardless of their size – to grow in this digital ecosystem and expand their business.

Among these solutions, are:

WebCheckout: an easy-to-integrate product that redirects the customer to the Paygol payment page to complete the transaction.

API: a more personalized payment integration, where customers stay on the business website.

Link de pago: no integration required, as a secure and reliable payment link is sent by email.

Plugins: a payment solution that enables in a few steps, for E-commerce created on PrestaShop, WooCommerce or Magento.

Additionally, to help even more in their digital transformation, the Paygol team provides a personalized advice to companies that want to hire a payment gateway and are not sure which product is right for their needs.

With this, Paygol allows businesses, wheter they are small companies that are starting their activities or companies with a track record,to digitize their collections and offer multiple payment methods to their customers.

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