The PayRetailers group contributes to social responsibility in LATAM

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a determining factor in a company’s leadership strategy, basing management on the impacts that its activity generates for its customers, employees, investors, local communities, and the environment; it is defined as a tool that serves to reduce the negative impact of companies on society.

According to the study of business CSR for Latin America 2021, carried out by the Spanish company Sherlock Communications, where it had as a sample more than 3 thousand people from different multinationals in six countries in the region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Mexico), revealed that there is an expectation and a real impact on the reputation of brands.

More than 90% of those surveyed consider that it is important that companies operating in various local markets in the region are committed to the environment and social causes, which exposes their sense of responsibility and the positive impact that brands can generate for a good reputation. The fight against air and water pollution, in addition to the fight against global warming, were cited as the main concerns for Latin Americans.

What is the CSR of PayRetailers Group based on?

Social impact is part of the commitment of PayRetailers GroupPayRetailers Colombia of Colombia and PayRetailers Chile of Chile, with the promotion of inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth for everyone and anywhere in Latin America.

Its approach is to drive initiatives that use the scale of its network, its products and financial resources, as well as the collective experience and commitment of its community, in order to reach the most disadvantaged and offer them access to resources that help improve their lives. quality of life.

The Spanish multinational maintains that inclusion and diversity are one of the main strengths of its business. These principles represent an opportunity to have a greater impact by building a digital, sustainable and inclusive economy in Latin America.

Manos Unidas: what is its greatest purpose?

Manos Unidas is a Spanish NGO whose mission is to fight against hunger, poverty, poor nutrition, diseases and deficiencies in the educational field, and work to eradicate the structural causes that produce them: injustice, the unequal distribution of goods, the lack of opportunities and the violation of rights, among others.

This NGO promotes two lines of work: education for development at the national level and the financing of development projects in more than 50 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

By having financial contributions to allocate them to specific actions, such as subsidies, emergency campaigns and direct financing, Manos Unidas assumes the commitment to inform about the destination of these funds, as agreed in each case with the financiers in question, and always from the values of transparency, responsibility and accountability that characterize it as an organization.

The social commitment of PayRetailers Group

This 2022, PayRetailers Group assumes the commitment to support various social causes together with sustainable organizations in the Latin American territory, where it will have local operations and work teams. Colombia leads its social operation, through a strategic alliance with the NGO Manos Unidas to help the Wayúu people in communities of La Guajira.

For this, the Spanish group will donate €1 for each transaction carried out during the month of June in favor of the charitable cause under the name of the project: “Defense of the rights of the Wayúu people in communities of La Guajira” Without a doubt, the multinational is taking a big step forward to become one of the most important responsible brands in the region.

The Wayúu people of La Guajira, Colombia

The Wayúu are an indigenous people that inhabit the La Guajira peninsula, the northeasternmost part of Colombia, bordering Venezuela.

It is considered an “abandoned” region, due to the lack of food and water in sufficient quantities, as well as the lack of access to health, education and inclusion services suffered by members of this community.

With that being said, the objective of the PayRetailers, Pago Digital and Paygol charitable cause together with Manos Unidas is to contribute to improve the quality of life of marginalized people, giving them the social contribution, they need to live a dignified life free of discrimination.